DUUUUUUDE...haha your art is amazing ^~^


i thought you liked jade.

It’s not I don’t like her in a bad way, she is just not really interesting to me! 

may i ask what software you use for art? :3 your works are very well done!

Thank you! <3 I use Sai and Photoshop but recently only the last one


Art by Tkmartin

Follow them on:

btw my furry art :’3



Hello tumblr, I would like to inquire why there is no JAM fandom yet.

JAM is a motion comic in a free iPad/Android app NARR8 with great colouring, music, animation and plot. It is produced by HonkFu, a russian group of artists who totally kick ass. 

You can check out their Behance project page or the NARR8 page.

You’re welcome.

hey. your art wiith me and NP ii2 adorable, ju2t 2o you know. well your art iin general ii2 lovely. keep up the awe2ome work.

Oh my god my name is Tima too!

Ahah that’s cool, but my name’s not Tima

They're urinekin respect their identity okay


now i’m confused 

No please stop I'm pee ajahahgejaghejialwrek


oh fRICK I THOUGHT I ASKED THAT ON MY MAIN BLOG I'M SO GOMEN. (but y u gotta do me like that)

Too late, now I know that you have a thing for Vriska, KK